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The NightSpa™ Ritual Collection 
featuring SleepCeuticals
super skin food + sleep-inducing botanicals
= beauty sleep

sleep is the new sexy 

From the creative lab of sleep wellness pioneer Robert Michael deStefano ... bedtime becomes blissed-out with luxurious, collagen-boosting, all-natural, vegan, super skinfood formulations, combined with a mega deck of sleep-inducing botanical extracts, applied with a sense of mindfulness that creates the proper body-mind-spirit for a better night's sleep. There's simply no other product collection like this. Fall in love with bedtime, experience the beauty sleep secret of the world's most elite spas and hotels.

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Fresh + functional, clean, natural, vegan, paraben-free and never tested on animals. from a magical sleep serum to a blissful bath soak, create a sleep-inducing, luxurious NightSpa experience every night.

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"We like Longeva Purify Super Creamy Cleanser."
"Night Moves" Oprah Magazine, January 2020
Best Seller - Limited Inventory

Purify Super Creamy Cleanser Your sleep ritual starts here. Purify delivers non-drying, deep-cleansing, optimized skin nourishing and moisturizing via our exclusive, super skin food, collagen-boosting complex. Purify gently removes make-up and air pollutants from your face, leaving it looking fresh, and feeling squeaky clean yet exceptionally smooth and soft. • Also contains our de-stressing, botanical SleepCeuticals™ extracts. Eight ounces - $50.00

Best Seller - Limited Inventory

Sanctify Super Dewy Dream Cream™ This is the night cream that obsoletes all other night creams. Just compare. • So rich, so creamy, yet completely non-greasy and fast-absorbing with an ingredient deck that blows away all others. • Sanctify contains a virtual endless buffet of naturally-derived vitamins, essential fatty acids and potent peptides to provide maximum all-night nourishment, repair, and anti-aging rejuvenation, while sleep-inducing botanical extracts like Helichrysum, Valerian Root and California Poppy help you de-stress from a hectic day. • Perfect for all skin types. $120.00

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Anoint Rapid Renewal Sleep Serum™  • Just one or two drops is all you need to transform your skin from tired to absolutely refreshed and rejuvenated. • Essences of Neroli and extracts of Kava Kava are just two of the 16 sleep-inducing SleepCare extracts that brilliantly merge with 10 rich, super skin food, anti-aging, essential fatty acids, from Anise to Quinoa, in this non-greasy, fast-absorbing sleep serum, the only night serum you'll ever need. • Perfect for all skin types. One ounce - $150.00

Sanctuary Soak™ Meet your new addiction. Immerse yourself into a remarkable bath soak that's as good for the body as it is for the mind. • The warm bath water opens the pores to receive the SleepCeuticals™ 16 stress-detoxing botanical extracts like Lavender, Neroli, Kava Kava, St and John's Wort, while our potent, super skin food complex plumps and softens skin after a long, tiring day. • Whole body-mind perfection! The soak bubbles and lathers beautifully, but is also expertly formulated without skin drying agents found in most bath products.  SHOP

EyeSleep Fine Line and Dark Circle Eraser

Turn back the clock with EyeSleep. • This unique, naturally-derived, peptide-packed, super rich cream is designed to work continuously throughout the night, delivering results that you will actually see every morning. • EyeSleep dramatically reduces puffy eyes and dark circles through two breakthrough, clinically-studied, natural peptides: 1) Eyeliss: three active molecules that reduce inflammation by improving eye area circulation, 2) Haloxyl: a double action, cell-regulating peptide that lessens dark circles, reinforces firmness and tones the eye area. • This expert formulation delivers brighter, younger looking eyes. Simply a fabulously effective, safe and clean natural eye cream. 

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Dream Mist This is far beyond the everyday pillow spray. • Dream Mist is the perfect bedtime ritual tool to not only mist your sleep space and your pillow, but also your face, because Dream Mist is also a serious, moisturizing and hydrating facial toner. • Dream Mist is ingeniously formulated with all 10 of our exclusive super skin food essential fatty acids extracts, and the intoxicating aroma of our botanical sleep-inducing SleepCeuticals™. • It is rumored that many massage therapists take a spray or two for themselves.  

Most orders ship within 48 hours. Domestic orders ship free. Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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