Sanctify Dream Cream, 2 ounce

See why the most discriminating skincare buyers in the world make Sanctify the beauty sleep dream cream of choice for use in their world-class treatment rooms.


Clean, all-natural formulation. Vegan, paraben-free, never tested on animals. Brilliant for all skin types. Lasts 60 nights.


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Sanctify Dream Cream, 2 ounce

  • Rich and creamy, non-greasy. Repair, rejuvenate, nourish. Use a lot or a little, you’ll wake up to nourished, healthy skin ... the ultimate dewy morning glow. The SleepCeutical™ Super Skin Food Complex pairs with potent peptides for super skinfood, anti-aging power. The naturally-derived, non-synthetic aromas of the SleepCeutical™ SleepCare Complex are calming, never overpowering. Non-irritating. Non-comedogenic.