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sleepcare + skincare = perfection.

Introducing SleepCeuticals™. Fall in love with bedtime.

Our SleepCeutical™ breakthrough is a one-of a-kind, intoxicating blend of 16 sleep-inducing botanical extracts that will melt away stress and encourage deeper sleep - ingeniously formulated in a base of 10 super skin food, collagen-boosting essential fatty acid extracts, from Amaranth to Quinoa, plus 4 non-synthetic, peptide workhorse* ingredients, all woven into NightSpa™ Ritual Collection products. 

Dreamy aromas of  Helichrysum, Neroli, Bergamot and join sleep-inducing extracts like Kava Kava, Valerian Root, California Poppy and St. John's Wort to make the SleepCeutical SleepCare Complex™ - an intoxicating and unequaled super sleep blend - conceived by renowned sleep guru Robert Michael deStefano and developed over a period of three years by his team of international, botanical extract experts.

The SleepCeutical™ SleepCare Complex

The SleepCeutical™ Super Skin Food Complex and Potent Natural Peptides 

The SleepCeutical™ Beauty Sleep line has perhaps the deepest deck of active ingredients on the market, powered by our exclusive SleepCeutical™ Super Skin Food Complex - a near endless buffet of rich, essential fatty acids and skin-critical vitamins, plus a broad, potent package of natural peptide workhorses.  All ingredients are natural, vegan, paraben and PEG-free, and NEVER tested on animals.

* Peptides are in Sanctify and Eyesleep.

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